Sally is a character in the Alactraz series. She is Sin's younger sister & Coby's love interest.

Biography Edit

She was born somewhere with her older sister,who later goes by "Sin",what happened to them is unknown,but they whind up in the City,although they got seperated.

Sally wasn't alone,when she met Gregg & Melissa,the 3 stick together while a while.

Life in CityEdit

When She 1st appear,She was Surrounded by Poles(like a Jail),She was there for a short while,until Coby came & freed her,it was right there the 2 fell in love.

Sally took Coby back with Her home,which is an Underground Parking Lot,unknown even to Zephes,living there with safe,with Melissa & Gregg.

Sally is 16 Years Old.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Sally is a Orange Vixen with a fluffy tail. She has black socks,a orange body & tail with a white tip,& a white underbelly that extends up to her nose & cheeks. she wears a light blue vest(not to compare her to princess Sally).

Personality Edit

Sally is a tomboy,sometimes shows how tough she is.with Coby,she sometimes fells happy.