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Vital statistics
Position Earnest Dog
Age 24
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2'6"
Weight 119 lbs
Noah is a character in the Alcatraz series who appears as the deuteragonist.

Noah as a puppy was taken away from his mother during a fight and he went through abuse by his kidnappers.

Biography Edit

Early life and family Edit

Not much is known as Noah's past, aside from the fact that he was taken away from his mother during a fight.

Escape and meeting Icea Edit

Noah was held up in a dog pen along others, eventually at some point the building collapsed and Noah survived. Upon waking up he found himself in an abandoned city, unknown where to go, he looked around the area and came across a Cat being attacked by a vicious Dog, he killed the Dog and saved the Cat's life in the process, who's name was Icea.

He and Icea developed a friendship, they traveled together and never let one another go. Noah eventually found a scarf for Icea to wear so she could cover up her scar around her neck from the attack she had from the Dog that attacked her.