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this wikia is about a series on youtube called "Alcatraz" and it was created by the person who called "JudgePikachu"!feel free to join here if you are a fan!also feel free to upload fan art or fan characters!

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Zephes and Dominix

I am JudgePikachu and I just found this Wiki...

Alcatraz is an animated YouTube series created by JudgePikachu(myself) in 2010. It began with a very simple story, but eventually grew much larger thanks to volunteers, family, and friends. The project is now a relatively well known series with 5 episodes released, and 6 in the making.

The series itself revolvers around a young red fox named Coby who is struggling to deal with the dramatic and sudden changes in front of him. Though it introduces new characters, there is no varification of where many of them stand. There also appears to be a main villain group, though it is unknown as to why they exist, and what they want. In this sci-fi world, things never are as they seem, and always are at risk of change.

Though there is little out on the story currently, it is still in the making, so more is to come...

Genre: Sci-fi, horror, drama, action, tragedy

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a picture made by "JudgePikachu"the creator of Alcatraz